Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring at Finnies

The garden is coming alive with Spring.   The water is on, less pressure every year though :(  and the washrooms are open for business.

The goldfish are getting more active, and appear to be healthy.
Just a few of the goldfish are shown in this image, nice to see that the fish are utilizing the entire pond.  Time for a small cleanup soon, and remove some of the dead leaved in the deep end of the pond.

Anemone sp., flowering away, these were rescued from the back road after someone dumped them. They are thriving and safe at Finnies.
Plant and garden features thievery is still an ongoing problem at Finnies, never ends, and never will.

Please remember that Finnies Garden is entirely run and maintained by volunteers, with NO help from the Government at all, and the garbage cans are there for the patients only.

I have uploaded a large collection of images to Flickr of Finnies Garden, view them as a SET or as a SLIDESHOW.

Take care, chau chau

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Finnie's in the news

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