Thursday, August 9, 2007

Finnie's Garden, located at Riverview Hospital,Coquitlam,B.C.

Art Finnie, at the official dedication of Finnie's Garden in May,1994

Originally known as; "Farm View", This 2 acre plot of land located in the higher lands of Riverview Hospital, was a early start at horticultural therapy at the hospital. It all started on April,18,1951, when a nurse; Arthur Brian "Art" Finnie, was had previously been asked by a Dr.Bruce Bryson to start a garden project. Art Finnie, took on this task with gusto, and the garden quickly became known as "Finnie's Garden".
Finnie's now has its own click-able MAP that links to pictures, with text about some of the history about the garden.
Check out the YouTube slide-shows, an easy way to get a feel for the garden.

An article in the Tri-City news: Finnie’s Friends pull weeds and drink tea


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Finnie's in the news

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